We take an Agile approach to our digital development and our culture.
Our Drupal service begins at discovery through alpha and beta and
onto live launch and ongoing development or service retirement.

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The discovery phase is about researching user needs, what to measure and potential impacts of technology or policy. Deliverables include user needs and user stories, stakeholders and their input, a product backlog and plan, and an understanding of the team resources required for the project.

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The alpha phase is focused on exploring possible solutions, creating a working prototype and obtaining user feedback. Deliverables should include user stories, backlog or plan for Beta and Live phases, integration and understanding, user needs and user testing, assisted digital support options.

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The beta release should create a full end-to-end service, tested with real users in preparation for live launch. The team can choose to release a private or public beta.
Deliverables include full end-to-end delivery and working system, a backlog, a user-testing plan, an understanding of the metrics required, and assisted digital support.

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The live phase will involve creating a scalable, resilient service that is capable of ongoing development and improvement. In this service we ensure that your project meets security standards, meet performance standards, is measurable against KPIs defined earlier on, and is capable of capturing feedback from users.

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