We collaborate with users and clients at the Discovery phase to determine what is at the heart of the project and high level expectations that must be met. More emphasis is put on the end user experience and any downfalls that might be reached as part of the project implementation.


  • A focused project plan that meets the goals, vision, target markets
  • Competitor analysis to keep pace with technology and changing business demands
  • User research with continuous involvement
  • User needs and user stories
  • Technical plan to reduce friction, risk and cost
  • Feature list that defines the purpose and expectations of the project
  • Wireframes, prototypes and visual designs
  • Proposal document that details project requirements


  • Project requirements can be validated based on evidence, not assumptions
  • A better understanding of users expectations
  • Clearly defined at the outset with expected costs and timescales
  • Prevents the need to make costly changes during the development stages
  • Opportunities to explore ideas and consider new or different technologies
  • A balance is achieved between the business goals and the user wants and needs


Our philosophy is that if you want to build collaborative platforms, we need to first understand what participation and empowerment means to you and your community. Uncovering the motivations for being part of a group that shares, learns, collaborates and acts towards a common goal is essential for the success of your brand.


  • Online community strategy:
    • Community roadmap
    • Stakeholder research and interviews
    • Community management training
    • Resourcing recommendations
    • Engagement audit
    • Engagement life-cycle development
    • User personas
  • User research
  • Analysis of site performance
  • Business analysis


We provide fixed price Drupal training so that you are able to get the absolute maximum benefit out of your website. This can be bespoke or off the shelf, from beginner to advanced, and for site builders or developers. Learn from industry experts and professionals and save time by getting up to speed with the CMS type.

Site Builder Training

With this package you will learn to build a full website with news, events, blogs and users; using the core modules and functionality of the CMS. Documentation about the website will be provided

Developer Training

This package takes the next step into writing code and expanding the possibilities of website beyond site building

Content Owner/Site Administrator Training

You will learn about content creation and organisation, assigning roles and permissions, controlling look and feel of the site and image handling


Our onboarding and offboarding services enable smooth transition when starting a new project or ending a current one. A clear onboarding and offboarding checklist provides transparency on the necessary outputs to get the delivery team up to speed, switch supplier or retire a service.


Kick off meeting for project that covers:
    • Overview of process
    • Likely inputs required from both
    • Teams
    • Project plan run through
    • Initial chemistry meeting with
    • project teams
    • A Pre-Discovery checklist


We provide a comprehensive approach to Agile Project Delivery for cloud-based developments, with a focus on working collaboratively to iteratively design, develop, test and deliver products. Our consultants have extensive experience and focus on the delivery of client requirements with a flexible approach.


  • PRINCE2 Agile governance framework
  • Early prototype delivery for continual development
  • Open communications with daily scrums and daily standup meetings for team members
  • Sprint planning meetings for team members
  • User centric development
  • Informative dashboard based reporting of project status
  • Phased delivery approach:
    • Discovery: working closely with the client to identify user needs, product plan and resources required
    • Alpha: integration understanding, user needs and testing, assisted digital support opportunities.
    • Beta: full end-to-end service delivery and working system,
    • Live page: a scalable, resilient platform that is capable of ongoing development and improvement.


  • Provides assurance of experienced consultants in Agile Delivery
  • Proven track record in using effective governance frameworks
  • Prevention of scope creep or non delivery of requirements
  • Aligns development with customer needs and company goals
  • Real time view of development
  • Reduces time spent fixing defects
  • Accessible reporting to keep the client informed
  • Increases longevity of systems developed
  • Improves security and provides indicators of performance
  • Ongoing process of improvement and a set of engineering best practices