Unruly's CEO Sarah Wood at DrupalCamp London 2017

Posted by Kayla Toh
21 Apr, 2017
The power of advertisement is often underrated by most of us. Over the years, advertisements have been the influence of many social movements and tren...
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Local Invest Showcase - a Drupal Case Study

Posted by Vincenzo Gambino
13 Aug, 2015
The  Local Invest Showcase website is operated by for UK Trade and Investment (UKTI). BrightLemon were commissioned to design, build and support the s...
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Cima Connect - a Drupal Case Study

Posted by Long Tran
06 Aug, 2015
Long Tran is a Senior Developer here at BrightLemon. One of the many websites that Long has worked on is CIMA Connect, the community website for the C...
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Community, Education & Drupal: Bett Show 2015 Day Two

Posted by Zak Kurdi
22 Jan, 2015
After a busy day yesterday on our stand, we came back this morning and got straight back into the swing of things. The first few minutes on Wednesday ...
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Freelancers: Why Should You Be Co-working?

Posted by Monique Canuti
13 Nov, 2014
rogrammers and coders are solitary kinds of people. A developer plus a computer, throw an internet connection in: you get a nice new website.
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Drupal Critical Security Announcement

Posted by Will Heinemann
31 Oct, 2014
Image credit: Gábor Hojtsy
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Lessons from DrupalCon Amsterdam

Posted by Alex Malloy
13 Oct, 2014
Teaser image credit: Michael Schmid / Leader image credit: Steffen R
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How Drupal Camp London Was Organised

Posted by Leon Tong
18 Mar, 2013
So Drupal Camp London has just finished today and has been very well received by all. Attendees, speakers and sponsors alike have been feeding back ve...
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Drupal Camping in London

Posted by Leon Tong
12 Mar, 2013
After being a spectator to the planning and buzz for some months, DrupalCamp London; my first Drupal community event succeeded in leaving a lasting im...
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