What Is Beautiful?

Posted by Jenny Jahans
29 Oct, 2014
After a busy first six months at BrightLemon, I felt it high time to share some of my design experience and the fundamental principles of what good de...
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Iconography: a Visual Language

Posted by Leon Tong
06 Mar, 2014
From travelling on a local bus to a full on adventure at an airport, our lives and journeys are helped along by icons. They form a visual language tha...
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Typography 01: Font Basics

Posted by Leon Tong
31 Aug, 2013
Anyone who uses a design or layout program whether for web or print will undoubtedly at some point be using the program's font / type functions.
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Things to Consider When Designing a Website

Posted by Brightlemon Admin
20 Jan, 2010
Fast Loading times: An issue that is hardly ever considered when designing a website is the loading times. If you have designed a flash website, but t...
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