Posted by Matt Rogers on 10 Nov, 2015

Drupal is a market leading content management system (CMS) and quite frankly we love it!

All of our websites and online communities are built in Drupal. Our dedicated team of Drupal developers use it every single day (both inside and outside of work). Yet even we are sometimes surprised at the sheer number of modules and support there is for Drupal within the development community.

For anyone new to Drupal, we've prepared a brief fact sheet to give you a very bird’s eye view of what the Drupal community has achieved.

Drupal stats as of Nov 2015:

  • 1,200,000+ sites worldwide
  • 32,000+ modules
  • 2100+ themes
  • 1,000,000+ users and developers
  • 220+ countries speaking
  • 180+ languages
  • 1000+ US government websites including The White House and NASA



  • Controlled by community
  • One release per month on average
  • Open Source under GNU, no licensing cost
  • Platform independent
  • Drupal can be integrated with almost any application that provides an API
  • Dedicated security team
  • 71 out of the world’s top 100 Universities use Drupal-powered websites - 28% of all .edu sites run on Drupal


Who's Using Drupal:

From local businesses to global corporations, diverse organizations use Drupal.

  • News Publishing

The BMJThe EconomistNew Republic

  • Intranet/Corporate Websites

SpaceXLushDanoneTesla MotorsPeugeot

  • Education

Stanford LawHarvardOxfordMIT Media Lab

  • Art, Music, Multimedia

The BeatlesMTV UKThe Weather ChannelNBC,BBCGrammy.comMusée du Louvre

  • Government,Gouvernement.frNew Zealand GovernmentThe Prince of Wales

  • Non-profit/NGO

OxfamBritish Council EALAmnesty International

  • Transportation

Gatwick ObviouslyNYC Metropolitan Transportation Authority


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