Posted by Leon Tong on 16 Aug, 2013

Business in the Community (BiTC) have been at the forefront of helping businesses give back to society  via a wide range of community-based initiatives  for decades.

How BiTC work:


Business Connector programme

Over a year ago, Fujitsu partnered with BiTC to support the Business Connectors programme. Business Connectors are community coordinators seconded from businesses to "knit together" communities over a period of up to two years. Using their existing expertise, and gaining much by way of continuing professional development along the way, the Business Connectors plant the seeds of a range of community solutions working with the local council, businesses, community groups and social enterprises.


The Business Connector programme was the brainchild of HRH the Prince of Wales who spoke at the 'Big Connect' event last month


BiTC Connect

BrightLemon were selected by Fujitsu (via our work with Acquia and Drupal Commons) to help with the online social platform dubbed "BiTC Connect".  The Connect platform  originally designed around increasing engagement, participation and collaboration  has grown to support a range of project stakeholders and workflows  not least reporting on metrics to the BIG Lottery Fund  whose grant of £4.8m will see over 600 business connectors placed over the next five years. This will deliver £52m worth of local grassroots support in 200 regions nationwide.

BiTC Connect is currently in release 4.7:


Obama, The Guardian and BiTC

A recent piece written by Phil Drew in the Guardian explains the Business Connector programme's successes one year on  and its parallels with Barack Obama's own work as a community organiser in Chicago.

Although it was once said that "there is no such thing as society" perhaps the community is alive and well in 2013  all the best to those Business Connectors following in Obama's footsteps...

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