Our team

Senior staff

Leon Tong


Creating social software since 2002 for clients such as the Department for Education, British Council and the University of Cambridge has led me to become a keen supporter of the combination of open source technology, user centric design and social psychology.

On graduating from King's College London I worked for a Department for Education initiative, proceeding to the City of London for a financial services company before founding BrightLemon. I have presented on education, social psychology and online community at numerous venues including Google and HSBC.

Interesting fact: My first computer was a Spectrum Plus which I wrote games on. It had 48K of RAM.

Amila Premadasa

Project Manager

A Certified Scrum Master who graduated from Kingston University, leading to a role for 9 years within a global financial institution where I worked within various departments, from customer facing roles to front end web development to project management.

Interesting fact: I have lived and studied on 3 different continents. Would love to live in the other continents in the coming years, but think I'll give the Antarctic a miss.

Vincenzo Gambino

Senior Drupal Developer

Previously a bartender at my grandfather's beach bar (see here) and a sales person for different advertising companies, I started my IT experience fixing PCs and delivering office and IT items to shops in Palermo.

In 2007 I attended a programming course and started to work for a gaming company in 2008. In 2009 I had my first three months UK experience in Birmingham building a website for a college. I moved from Sicily to Birmingham again in January 2010.

In July 2010 I moved to London and after developing websites for different companies I joined BrightLemon in October 2012 where I had the chance to grow personally and professionally, attend two DrupalCons, Prague and Amsterdam, be a Teacher Assistant at DrupalCamp London 2015 and work with high level clients. I like to follow a project from the beginning to the end as it has given me the opportunity to gain experience in server configuration, back-end development, front-end development and theming.

Interesting fact: I play football for a local team called Italia Wasteels FC. I do enjoy good music and movies. No, I'm not Cousin Vinny from the film.

John Durance

Lead Drupal Developer

When I was ten I carefully disassembled my home computer and carefully reassembled it. To my surprise, it never worked again. Ever since I've been curious about how computers work. My motivation is to build sites that people find useful and make a part of their daily lives: at work or at leisure. For me, seeing a site that I have made adding value to someone's daily life is what makes this job worth doing. Before joining BrightLemon, I worked on websites at UNICEF and the NSPCC. Before that, I studied business and computer science at Lancaster University. I like Drupal a lot, it is a great framework to build sites with, and for this reason I have been working with it for the past four years.

Interesting fact: I, independently, came up with the idea of the fitted sheet, only to discover that it had already been invented.

Audrius Vaitonis

Lead Drupal Developer

I started looking at HTML 12 years ago, at school, and I enjoyed it enough to study computer sciences. In 2006 I tried Drupal and it was too complicated, with too much of a learning curve, but after a year I was dropped into my first Drupal project. After this project I really liked the flexibility of CMS. In the past seven years I have been working with various backend PHP CMS systems, frameworks and interactive frontend technologies. At BrightLemon I can concentrate on working on and learning broad Drupal technology stack, together with other great team members.

Interesting fact: I like installing servers, reading books and watching anime. Normal geeky stuff.